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Our History

Capanni’s product is an example of quality, passion and Italian tradition.
Franco Capanni

Two generations of passion and work have made F.lli Capanni company  a point of reference in the woodworking. The origin of the company date back to the 30’ s  when  Franco Capanni , in the hills above Florence, started a small workshop in the lower floor of his home.

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In the beginning the production consisted in wooden legs turning, done with machinaries powered by the hydric power of the river flowing adjacent to the lab. In the mid  60’ s, Andrea and Moreno joined their father activity.

Moreno Capanni
Andrea Capanni

The two young men give a twist to their father’s company starting to design and create home furnishings  and lighting items whose concept was an original and sophisticated one, going to be present across the world.


Our handcrafted creations are made using original old solid wood  that  comes from beams of ceiling of old house in demolition and brass. This is  also handcrafted .


The great experience in the wood has allowed the company to open to the floor sector, producing high handcrafted quality wooden floors. Each floor is created and designed to last in time and to grow old with elegance.

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